We are in the process of updating the Digital Center. We expect to finish the updates on March 1st, 2011. We appreciate your patience and please do not hesitate to send us an email at  [email protected]  if you have any problems accessing the data.

Thank You! The Digital Center Team.

The Bolivian Natural Resources Digital Center (CDRNB) was created in 2004 thanks to the support of the Land Management Unit from the Ministry of Sustainable Development of Bolivia and the Department of Ecosystem Science and Management (Formerly Rangeland Ecosystem Science and Management) (Ecosystem Science and Management), de Texas A&M University (TAMU). The main goal of the CDRNB is to provide and distribute free information on land management (ordenamiento Territorial) in Bolivia, and in a broader sense, geospatial ainformation oin the area of natural resources.

After 5 years of continuous data dissemination, we are pleased to introduce a new CDRNB version which contains a much larger dataset than its previous version, including a large satelite imagery repository that has been kindly provided by the Land Units Informations System. The information presented in this page is aimed at scientists, faculty, and decision makers at the national and international level so they can access digital databases for research, planning, investments, and education in the area of natural resources in Bolivia. We look forward to provide useful information to stakeholders, municipalities, departmental and national government agencies in Bolivia as well as high school and college students.

This new version continues with its original mission and vision  of providing geospatial free data without restrictions as well as documents in the area of natural resources in Bolivia. We relieve that the CDNRB is a very useful tool, freely available to its users, to disseminate and share Bolivian information on natural resources. We always look forward to hearing the users’ feedback so we can continually improve the CDRNB digital center, so local stakeholders, government, and academia can benefit from it. If you wish to contribute with information regarding natural resources in Bolivia, please go to the contact us page.

The information contained in the Bolivian Natural Resources Digital Center is freely available and with no restrictions to any user who plans to use it for planning, research, and/or education. We will greatly appreciate if you cite the source of the information whenever you are using it for presentations, Publications, and any other means for information dissemination.